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Módulo de entrada dissipador de 24 Vcc, 16 pontos


Technical Specifications for 1794-IB16

Brand    Allen-Bradley

Operating Temperature:             0 to 55 C (32 to 131 F)

Wire Size:           Determined by installed terminal base

Indicators:          16 Yellow status indicators / ON state Voltage, nom:     24 VDC

ON state Voltage, max.                31.2 VDC / ON state Voltage, min:          19.2 VDC

Number of Inputs:         Sixteen (16), sinking inputs

Terminal base:  1794-TB3, 1794-TB3S, 1794-TB3K, 1794-TB3SK, 1794- TBKD, 1794-TB37DS

Product Description:      Flex IO DC Input Module

Storage Temperature:  -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)

Vibration:           5g @ 10 to 500 Hz

Part Number/Catalog No.           1794-IB16

Operating Shock:            30 g

Product Type    Flex I/O Digital Input Modules

Inputs   16 Current Sinking

On-state Voltage min.  10V DC / On-state Voltage max.              31.2V DC

On-state Current min.  2.0mA min. / On-state Current max.      12.0mA

Off-state Voltage max. 5V DC / Off-state Current max. 1.5mA

Nominal Input Impedance          4.6 k? / Flexbus Current               30mA @ 5V DC

Power Dissipation           6.1W @ 31.2V DC max. / UPC    10612598137784

About 1794-IB16

The Allen-Bradley 1794-IB16 is a Sixteen (16) channel 24VDC Discrete input module. This module is part of the 1794 Flex IO product family which is primarily used to implement distributed IO solution. With distributed I/O architecture, I/O modules may be installed near the source of the signal or the driven load. This significantly reduces cable runs thus, reduces overall installation costs. It also simplifies maintenance and contributes to overall increase in the control system uptime.

R$ 1.200,00
ou R$ 1.164,00 via Boleto Bancário
Comprar Disponibilidade: Imediata Aproveite! Restam apenas 5 unidades
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