2081-9276 SIMPLEX ,12V 33AH 7.80″LX5.20″DX6.22″H.

2081-9276 Simplex, rechargeable sealed-lead acid batteries provide reliable and repeatable discharge and recharge characteristics for use in fire alarm and other systems applications. They are designed with immobilized electrolyte in an absorbent separator, allowing them to provide rated capacity on the first cycle.

Because of their sealed construction, packaging is allowed within the system electronics enclosure. When this is applicable, the quantity of system cabinets and the battery wiring distances are both minimized. Where required, external battery cabinets can be close-nippled to the control panel to house larger batteries with battery chargers available in some battery cabinet sizes.


These batteries are intended to be used with compatible Simplex battery chargers.

Series Connections.

These batteries are required to be connected in series to produce 24 V system voltage. Battery sets must be of identical voltage, model number, appearance, and approximately the same date of manufacture for proper operation.


Battery capacity testing is recommended to be performed by using a sealed lead-acid battery tester designed to withdraw a minimum of battery charge. The preferred tester applies a variety of amplitude and duration controlled test pulses that compares terminal voltage against those predicted for the specific battery size. (Testing is available through your local Simplex product supplier.)


Battery chemicals and materials can be recycled. Refer to information shipped with the battery or on its case. Return to the battery manufacturer or to a similarly qualified battery processing facility for proper disposal.

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