The F220-B6 Detector Bases work with the F220 Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detectors. The F220‑B6 is a 12 V or 24 V base for two‑wire loops. The other bases in this family are 12 V or 24 V bases for four‑wire loops.

  • Easy installation
  • Interchangeable detector heads
  • UL listed when used with a detector from the F220 family

F220-B6 Compatibility Information

Two‑wire: Bosch Security Systems, Inc. makes no claim written, oral, or implied that the F220‑B6 Detector Bases work with any two‑wire control panels except those specified in the Two‑wire Detector/ Control Panel Compatibility List Technical Service Note (P/N: 4998148185).

Four‑wire: Compatible with all UL Listed four‑wire control panels. Refer to the control panel’s Installation Instructions for proper end‑of‑line (EOL) resistor selection.

Detectors: Compatible with the following F220 Series Detector Heads:

  • F220‑P Photoelectric Smoke Detector
  • F220‑PTH Photoelectric Smoke Detector with +135°F (+57°C) Heat Sensor
  • F220‑PTHC1 Photoelectric Smoke Detector with +135°F (+57°C) Heat Sensor and Carbon Monoxide Sensor Enhancement1
  • F220‑135 Electronic Rate‑of‑Rise, Fixed Temperature +135°F (+57°C) Heat Detector
  • F220‑135F Electronic Fixed Temperature +135°F (+57°C) Heat Detector
  • F220‑190F Electronic Fixed Temperature +190°F (+88°C) Heat Detector

F220-B6 Mounting Considerations

Depending on local regulations, surface mount the bases using anchors, mollies, or wing nuts; or mount the bases directly on four‑inch square or octagonal electrical boxes or single‑gang switch boxes.

F220-B6 Wiring Considerations

In a two‑wire system, the maximum loop length depends on the number of detector bases on the loop, the wire size, and the control panel specifications. Refer to the control panel’s installation instructions for specific wiring information. In a four‑wire system, the maximum loop length and number of bases that can be placed on a loop depend on the voltage drop on the power circuit. Use standard voltage drop calculations to ensure that the last detector on the loop has at least 10 V.

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