The FAH-440 Analog Heat Detector is an open-area fire detector that works with the FPA‑1000 fire panels. Use it with the FAA‑440 family of bases in indoor dry environments with high ambient temperatures. Use it in kitchens, boiler rooms, or drying rooms unsuitable for smoke detectors because of steam or fumes.

  • Selectable Fixed Temperature threshold
  • Rate-of-Rise feature can be switched on or off
  • Selectable base locking mechanism prevents malicious removal of the detector

FAH-440 BOSCH Address Range

The detector has a valid address range from 1 to 254. The address is set by rotary switches on the back of the detector.

FAH-440 BOSCH Indicator LED

The detector head has a multi‑color LED to indicate status. To verify detector power and analog addressable loop communication, the LED indicator flashes green when operating normally (polling). Through panel parameter setting, it is possible to turn on or off operation of the polling indicator. In the event of an alarm condition, the detector LED always shows a steady red light. Independent from the actual number of activated device LEDs and remote indicator LEDs, the number of activated LEDs is limited to five (called the rolling alarm function).

FAH-440 BOSCH Modular Construction

The detector is part of a two‑piece modular design for detector assemblies. A detector attaches to a base in the FAA‑440 Analog Standard Base or Analog Isolator Base family. The base’s security locking tab prevents any unauthorized detector removal from the base.

FAH-440 BOSCH Programming

Local programming is carried out at the panel keypad or by computer through a Web browser. Remote programming is carried out through a Web browser. Selectable Threshold Setting The detector has an alarm threshold temperature range of +135°F to +194°F (+57°C to +90°C) with 17 possible settings. The rate-of-rise feature can be switched on or off.

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