ICP-B6 Siemens Intelligent Control Point

The Model ICP-B6 Siemens Intelligent Control Point from Siemens Industry, Inc. can be used as an independent, remotely located telephone zone, a speaker zone (25V or 70.7V RMS), or notification appliance circuit (NAC), depending on how it is configured. It communicates through the analog loop of the MXL/MXLV System.

Up to 12 ICP-B6s can connect to each analog loop of the MXL/MXLV. These modules must be connected to the first 12 address locations on the analog loop. 
The 24 VDC power input for each ICP-B6comes from either the MMB, the PSR, or from an auxiliary power supply which is power limited and UL listed for fire protective signal-ing use and is rated between 24 and 27.3VDC. Each ICP-B6 can be assigned a 32-character, custom alphanumeric message.
Each module uses one address on either the analog loop of the ALD-2I module or the analog loop of the MMB board. For additional information on the MXL/MXLV
System, refer to the MXL/MXLVManual, P/N
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