ILED-HC Siemens Ceiling Firefinder XLS Intelligent Remote Alarm Lamp

The Siemens ─ Fire Safety Intelligent Remote Lamps (Models ILED-HC and ILED-HW) are designed for use with initiating devices that are concealed or otherwise not easily within view (e.g. – above suspended ceilings, under subfloors, in unexposed ventilating ducts, normally locked vaults or closed rooms, etc.)

Both lamps can connect to either a Siemens 50-point, 252-point or 504-point addressable control panel. Model ILED-HC is mounted on a 4” (10.2 cm.) octagon outlet box, and Model ILEDHW gets fastened on a single-gang electrical box.

Although there is no regulatory limitation for mounting the lamps, be advised that Model ILED-HC is often ceiling mounted, and Model ILED-HW is intended for wall mounting.

These intelligent remote lamps can be mounted anywhere on Model DLC, and are addressed with the Device Program / Tester Unit (Model DPU). Each LED can be controlled by FACP logic ─ even on different device loops or on another panel in the network configuration ─ since Model ILED-HC or Model ILED-HW is given its own unique address.

Models ILED-HC and ILED-HW can also be utilized as a second accessory of a detector when assigned to respond to detectors that have remote relay or audible bases.

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