2190-9159 Simplex, Signal ZAMs supervise and operate 24 VDC notification appliances, speakers, and telephone circuits. Output capacity is up to 2 A @ 24 VDC, or 50 W of 25 VRMS speakers, or up to three simultaneously activated firefighter phones. The signal ZAM is available for either Style Y/Class B or Style Z/Class A operation for notification appliance circuits.

MAPNET II zone adapter modules (ZAMs) provide an addressable interface between conventional zone devices and the host fire alarm control panel.

These ZAMs are compatible with the following Simplex® fire alarm control panels when equipped with MAPNET II communications:

  • 4100/4100U Series fire alarm control panels.
  • 4100 Series Universal Transponders.
  • 4120 Series Network node fire alarm control panels.
  • 4020 Series fire alarm control panels.
  • 2120 Communicating Device Transponders.

MAPNET II communications can be wired:

  • NFPA Style 4/Class B or Style 6/Class A.
  • Style 4/Class B communications may be wired either “T” tapped or In/Out.

Communications: Supplied by MAPNET II, 24 to 40 VDC with data
Power: Separate 24 VDC required from listed fire alarm power supply
Wire Connections: Screw terminals for in/out wiring, 18 to 12 AWG wire

Convenient DIP switch address selection.
UL listed to Standard 864.

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