FMM-325A BOSCH Single Action Analog Pull Station w/Term. Block (Red).

FMM-325A Analog manual station, single, red The single‑action manual station is UL listed for commercial fire applications and meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Set the address on the polling circuit by programming an EEPROM microchip with the D5070 Analog point programmer

FMM-325A  manual station is used in the polling circuit of the Bosch Security Systems, Inc.’s FPA‑1000 Analog Addressable Fire Panels, and the D9024, D8024, and D10024A Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP). They communicate with the control panel (both power and data) over a two‑wire polling circuit. The manual station’s address on the polling circuit is set by programming an EEPROM microchip. The D5070 Analog Device Programmer is required to set the address.

All commercial buildings use manual stations. These manual stations allow people evacuating a building to initiate an alarm. The FACP identifies the alarm point on the polling circuit and the alarm lever latches in the pulled position.

  • Digital data communications and power provided over two-wire circuit
  • EEPROM addressing in module unit
  • Rugged die‑cast housing and corrosion resistant construction
  • Single‑gang mounting
  • Latching alarm lever

Compatibility Information
The following table lists products compatible with these manual stations:

FMM-325A Active products:
FPA-1000 Analog Addressable Control Panel
D5070 Programmer

Legacy products:
FPA-1000-UL Compact Fire Panel
D10024A, D9024, and D8024 Fire Alarm Control Panels

FMM-325A Mounting Considerations
These manual stations are for indoor use only. They have die-cast housings that flush mount on a singlegang back box. For surface mounting, use an FMM‑100BB‑R Surface‑mount Back Box.

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