PR-2 System Sensor DPDT Relay, c/w Activation LED

The PR-2 System Sensor and PR-3 are epoxy encapsulated single pull double-throw (SPDT) relays that are activated by 10 to 40 VDC.

The PR-2 System Sensor also uses a red LED as a visible indication of relay coil energization. The PR-3 contains an additional black and red wire used for redundant power input.


For ease of installation, the PR-2/PR-3 relays may be mounted in a variety of ways. They can be attached within compatible equipment or in a separate enclosure using a mounting screw.

Double sided tape is also provided for additional support.


The PR-2/PR-3 connections are shown on the label on the side of the relay. Using the enclosed wire nuts, secure the electrical connections appropriate to the application.

Provisions must be taken to separate power limited and non-power limited wiring per National Electrical Code requirements.

Field installable wiring connected to the product must have a minimum 1/4 inch spacing between the power limited and non-power limited wire.

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